Imagine your remote team as an engaged, loyal and thriving workforce

Offering your team remote or hybrid options has now become a crucial issue for staff retention*. Approximately 51% of Australians said they would stay longer with their current employer if the remote policies introduced remained permanent. 12 % said they would probably quit their job if they were forced back into the office full-time.

The heart of your business

You feel like you’ve lost control of your team and people aren’t responding to you the way you need them to, you’re feeling the pressure to get the results you need from your people but they’re not engaging with you and each other. 

Now more than ever, we need to build trusted and thriving teams: loyal workforces.

Your people are the heart of your business.
Without them, your business cannot run.

Hence, the pressure is on to find new ways of connecting and engaging your team, no matter where or how they work, or what external challenges are thrown at them.

We need to adapt the way we lead our teams to the new world of work. This is the only way we can truly build a trusted and loyal team.

Imagine your team feeling like this…

Based on a recent survey, the top 3 characteristics that the Momentum Rehab team likes about working with me are:
1. Flexibility 2. Trusted to get the job done 3. Working autonomously.

“What has become apparent in the last few years with the pandemic and everyone being sent home to work is that it’s not new to us, it wasn’t new and overwhelming.

We’re experienced in having that support and team feeling. You’ve worked really hard to have that team feeling and it’s a testament that it can be done and you’ve done it really well”

Tania, Momentum Rehab OT

“Lovely boss lady who genuinely cares about her team; great admin support and very friendly; great team with similar work ethic and value.”

Lynn, Momentum Rehab OT

About Lisa

People are my business – and they should be yours, too.

I’m known as the Remote Team Queen. I’ve been running my company Momentum Rehab as a purely remote business since 2004, when working from home was a rare exception often met with skepticism.

What’s Next?

I recognise the challenges that leading a team from a distance brings, and I’m passionate about helping people like you build thriving and sustainable teams.

I’d love to help explore how I can best help you.

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*As it was found in a recent Qualtrics survey