Remote Team Kings & Queens

Offering your team remote or hybrid options has now become a crucial issue for staff retention, as was found in a recent Qualtrics survey. Approximately 51% of Australians said they would stay longer with their current employer if the remote policies introduced remained permanent, and 12 % said they would probably quit their job if they were forced back into the office full-time.

How do you manage the new remote working environment without losing the precious commodities of talent, expertise and knowledge in your team that you’ve built up over many years?

The real challenge for leaders is not just keeping their team, but also keeping them engaged. It’s reported that remote workers often feel less engaged and less connected. A survey conducted by McKinsey and Co in 2021 found that relational aspects of work that contribute to an employee’s sense of well-being, value and belonging were often overlooked by leaders whose main focus was on productivity and results.

When you have over 40% of the workforce demanding remote and hybrid ways of working, but this means risking a team becoming unproductive and unstable,  what do you do?

The heart of your business

Now more than ever, we need to build trusted and thriving teams: loyal workforces.

Your people are the heart of your business.
Without them, your business cannot run.

Hence, the pressure is on to find new ways of connecting and engaging your team, no matter where or how they work, or what external challenges are thrown at them.

We need to adapt the way we lead our teams to the new world of work. This is the only way we can truly build a trusted and loyal team.

“Leaders who embrace a new mindset and shift cultural norms will best position their people and their business for long-term success.”

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