“People are my business – and they should be yours, too.”

People are my business – and they should be yours, too.

About Lisa

I’m known as the Remote Team Queen. I’ve been running my company Momentum Rehab as a purely remote business since 2004, when working from home was a rare exception often met with skepticism.

The business was established after my own journey with breast cancer, shortly followed by the loss of my mum, which made me question the purpose of life and work and how these function together – or don’t!

I started working alone from my garage in South West Sydney, and discovered an ambition to offer others the same flexible working conditions that I was enjoying. I have since grown a stable, productive, engaged and motivated workforce in the health services industry.

Some of my team members have been with me for over 12 years, while others leave and then come back! We joke about the (virtual) revolving door at Momentum. The reason for this revolving door is the trust and respect that I extend, along with the team culture that I have created and the flexibility I provide for the team to pursue other life goals and roles.

As an occupational therapist for 28 years, I understand that we are holistic beings with a multitude of life roles and goals and a strong need for connection and purpose. This understanding drives my remote team philosophy and leadership practice.

I have practiced clinically and led teams in diverse settings ranging from acute medical and private companies to community, corporate and compensable environments. In addition to leading the Momentum team, my clinical practice is in the area of Complex Home Modifications in compensable and community settings across the aged care and disability sectors.

Behind the scenes, I enjoy a “work-life blend” running a busy household with my husband Anthony and 2 children, 2 step children and 2 dogs (I love symmetry). For leisure, I enjoy reading anything from the classics to personal and professional development books, running or walking (while listening to podcasts or e-books), brunching, lunching and dining with friends and family and kitchen dancing (makes packing lunchboxes and preparing the evening meal so much more fun!). I am also known for my appreciation of quality bubbly beverages and all things sparkly, my kind and generous nature and my courage and strength.

It doesn’t matter what industry or role you work in or whether you work purely remotely or in a hybrid arrangement, one thing always remains the same, and that is your people.